Protectam FN®2 - 1 liter - 1,3kg

Protectam FN®2 - 1 liter - 1,3kg
Kód produktu: AD140
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Composite coating for formation of an antibacterial photocatalytic protective layer based on titanium dioxide. The coating reduces concentrations of organic and inorganic pollutants in the air and also protects treated surfaces against UV radiation and buildup of stains. The strongly oxidative surface of the coating is activated by natural light and is very effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms. FN2® film is semi-transparent white and has a low hiding power. The coating has mainly been formulated for its effectiveness in cleaning the air.
The product is used as a protective antibacterial photoactive coating suitable for use on all usual types of plaster, masonry and drywall surfaces and on painted surfaces in building interiors and exteriors. By means of its photocatalytic oxidative effect the treated surface cleans the air of organic contaminants and reduces viruses and bacteria. This effect also eliminates odors from interior spaces. The coating has a white color. The surface is instantly activated by exposure to natural light or artificial light containing the UV spectrum.
  • Sufficient light including UVA radiation is necessary for the surface to function.
  • Before use mix thoroughly!
  • BUSINESSES, SCHOOLS AND OFFICES – reduced epidemic risks, less illness, elimination of odors and allergens
  • HOMES – a clean, pleasant environment without odors, lower incidence of viruses, prevention of mold and mildew
  • SUFFERERS FROM ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA – prevention and improvement of breathing difficulties
  • HOSPITALS, CLINICS, LABORATORIES – creation of a sanitary environment, protection of patients and personnel, cleaning of air, reduction of stress on central ventilation systems